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Thank you for taking a look at our brand new website everyone! is a site that was formed by a group of gamers who have spent countless hours playing Sniper 3d Assassin since it dropped. With endless weeks of near continuous play, we as a group, have learned almost all the ends and outs there are to know about Sniper 3D Assassin. After investing lots of time into our new favorite game, we decided to set out and create hack tools to allow us more access to advanced areas in the game. Since then, we have maxed out SEVERAL accounts with relative ease, all with the help of our hacks. After a little trial and error, we have been able to create an online, public release of the same build we have been utilizing for some time now. The decision to release our online hacking tool for the public was founded with the intentions that we, as gamers, would help make a game we fell in love with more accessible to everyone, and allow people of all skill levels in the game to enjoy it without having to spend as much time as we did to get there. This hack is still in its infancy stages and we would love some feedback from anyone who would like to share the experience that they had while using our site with us. Please locate our contact us page and send us a short write up or review about what you think about our service and site! Thanks from everyone at our team, and please enjoy your unlimited money!!!